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We aim to bring cleanliness and health into every person’s home using the best tools!

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 The cleaning company in Wigan and the surrounding areas! Standish Professional Cleaning in Wigan is a family run cleaning business established over 40 years ago. We are experienced experts, so when working with us you will only have to settle for the best!

We have grown to be a successful and professional cleaning company providing a reliable cleaning service at very competitive prices. With our bespoke quotes, we make sure that you get exactly what you want and you don’t pay anything extra!

All our cleaning services are fully insured, so in the case of an unlikely event, your property is fully protected! And we are always pleased to discuss any cleaning requirements you might have. Scroll below on our home page and see the professional cleaning services in Wigan we offer!

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We can cover any kind of cleaning requirement and we guarantee to our clients that they won’t be left disappointed! We use only the best equipment, to make sure that we fight every stain until it’s gone! In a combination with the eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we use no dirt stands a chance!

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We are reliable cleaning professionals, with great experience and training, and we are confident that we know how to tackle any spot and stain, to achieve the best results and absolute cleanliness!

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