Cleaning the electronic devices easy and fast

We all have them at home.

Well, we not only have them, but we use them more than frequently – we check the news, the weather, our friends in Facebook, the new movie everybody is talking about, the new trends from the fashion week in New York, the sights in the city we are visiting next month, the best night clubs in the downtown, the way we can clean everything at home. Yeah. They are always on and even too often in our hands. And while we are cleaning, we have some priorities that do not include cleaning these devices at all – we are vacuum-cleaning, and we are on our knees on the floor removing the grime and right after that we start washing the windows and what happens at the end is us on the sofa in the evening watching TV and noticing the little kid’s fingerprints right in the middle of the screen and the awful stain from chocolate on the laptop. The perfection is broken and we have a vital lesson for the next clean-up: do not skip this, or you will be sorry later. And the whole cleaning of the devices is so facile, if you only know how to do it. Here are the few rules.

Remove the dust

This thing is everywhere and has some eternal powers that help it never leave our homes. So it’s definitely on the TV, on the laptop, on the tablet, on your e-book and on every other electronic device as well. However, if you have a simple microfiber cloth and clean them with it every day or at least several times a week, you will be amazed by the result. If you do not do it regularly, the dust will pile up and then you will not only find it difficult to cope with the situation, but you will also risk somehow your health, because of the possible allergies caused by dust and dirt at home.

Remove the stains

You always tell yourself that you should not eat near the laptop or have a drink in the one hand and the tablet in the other, but then you go into your lazy mood and you want some simple joys like eating and watching some funny cat videos at the same time, the result is a chocolate ice-cream in the middle of the tablet’s screen. This is not beyond repair, so take a wet clout, but do not drench it a lot, because the water and the electronic devices do not go well together. Remove the stain carefully and try to avoid it next time, at least try!


OK, you didn’t clean them for so long that now when you are doing it, you should strive for greatness. There are many cleaning detergents specialized in cleaning the electronic devices’ screens. Have one of them, spray a little, clean with a rag and then you will be able to look at you in them just like in a mirror.

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