Traditional style kitchen ideas

Next to the living room, the kitchen is the second most important room in the house. Traditional style kitchen or handleless kitchen style, it is the place where we prepare and eat meals, and bond as a family. 

In recent months, handleless kitchens have risen as a new trend that most people are going for. That’s great, and we cater to them, but other people prefer their kitchens in a traditional style. 

If you belong to the latter and are interested in remodelling your kitchen, these six designs for a traditional looking kitchen would be of help to you. 

Pronto Wilton Oak grain Cashmere Kitchen Door

Pronto Wilton Oakgrain Cashmere Kitchen Door

Traditional kitchen designs don’t have to look dull and outdated. This Pronto Wilson oak grain cashmere kitchen door is proving that right. 

With the soft, welcoming cashmere tones, it is designed to be soft, welcoming and modern all at once. The door comes with panels at 6mm, drawer fronts at 22mm and clear glass for the glazed doors. 

Cartmel Shaker Indigo Kitchen Door

Cartmel Shaker Indigo Kitchen Door

Not everyone wants a kitchen with neutral tones that scream calmness. Some people want their kitchens to fit their colourful personalities. If you lean towards colourful kitchens, you’d love this indigo kitchen door. 

It is a woodgrain door that is carefully foil covered in a startlingly beautiful indigo colour. The splash of colour is an allure itself that keeps drawing you back to your kitchen. 

Pronto Wilton Oakgrain Oak Kitchen Door

This oak grain shaker kitchen door from Pronto Wilson is stunning. Although simple in design, it has a modern look that makes it a favourite traditional style kitchen design. The oak grain look is one of those ever-trendy looks, which is an advantage because you can still rock it years down the line. This piece is designed soft close drawers, doors and panels. 

Oxford Painted Shaker Anthracite Kitchen Door

Remember what we said about colour? If the indigo look isn’t doing it for you, you should consider this anthracite look.  

It is a mature and elegant look for your kitchen. If you have more of an edgy personality, this kitchen door would be a good addition to your kitchen. 

Oxford Painted Shaker White Kitchen Door

White is a delightful colour that exudes warmth, peace and calmness. These white kitchen door shakers from Oxford can make your kitchen feel that way. 

Enjoy the calming ambience of an off-white traditional kitchen with your friends and family. 

Oxford Painted Shaker Stone Kitchen Door

Are you looking for a kitchen door design that isn’t white, ivory or colourful? The Oxford Painter Shaker Stone Kitchen Door is the one for you. 

It is incredibly beautiful, designed and built to create a feeling of comfort. With this kitchen door design, your kitchen wouldn’t be just any other room; it’ll be the room where you and your family come together to have fun. 

There’s nothing wrong with having the traditional style kitchen if that’s what you prefer. If you need an upgrade, you can spice it up with any of our six designs and give your kitchen a new traditional look. To order any of the beautiful pieces above, contact us today at KitchenIn, let us give your kitchen a new look. 

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