Domestic Cleaning

For everybody!


We are the Standish cleaners in Wigan and we offer our domestic cleaning service! We aim to bring cleanliness and health into every person’s home using the best tools! Top of the range equipment and absolutely ecologically-clean solutions, to help us fight every stain and successfully remove dust, dirt, and bacteria for a longer period of time!

For each of our customers that require domestic cleaning, we do everything to achieve the best results. Our number one priority is to make our clients happy and give them a reason to come back to us, anytime they need cleaning services! We want their personal requirements when we clean, so that we make sure we never miss a thing!

We, at Standish Cleaning Services in Wigan, understand that everyone’s requirements are individual and we always welcome our clients to discuss with us exactly what is expected. Our very well-trained experts always live up to reaching your highest expectations! And we welcome every client’s feedback, even if there are things we need to work on. Because we are always learning and we want to grow as experts each time!

Our Motive is Excellence Every Time!


Because we are here to give nothing less than perfection, you can be sure we will do exactly that! We guarantee our work and we never give up when we face difficulty! Quite the opposite, we’re happy to conquer new challenges! We will make your home sparkle!

We are fully prepared to take on whatever challenges our clients might put us through! And we go through them with a victorious smile! You give us your trust, and we will give you one clean and disinfected home and a ton of free time, to enjoy it the way you want to!

Call us today for more information and book your appointment and let us do the heavy-lifting!